Arioflow Inspect application


After entering your login and password, you’ll be taken to the home screen of the web version of Arioflow Inspect.

Capture d'écran de la page d'écran de l'application Arioflow Inspect
Bouton permettant de créer un formulaire

Creation of a
new form

Icône des tâches en cours

Personal list
current forms

Icône des groupes

List of groups
of users

Icône de l'outil de recherche


Capture d'écran de la liste des tâches en cours

The tasks module lets you find all current forms.

Capture d'écran du mode sélection multiples

Selection mode lets you select several forms to perform a one-click action, such as deletion, by clicking on the round icon with the 3 dots.

Info mode lets you view all the information on a form: date, time, nature of event, file number, name of deposit, etc.

Capture d'écran du mode info d'un formulaire
Icône pour rafraichir la liste

The arrow icon lets you
update tasks in progress.

Icône réglages

The settings icon lets you
sort your tasks and/or create a data display.

Capture de la fenêtre pour trier les tâches

You can sort your tasks by: date created, modified, alphabetical order, status. Sorting can be done in ascending or descending order.

Capture de la fenêtre pour constituer l'affichage des données

You can also configure the display of data: file reference, document type, status, owner, creation date and modification date.

You can use a filter to find a form from a large list.

Capture de la barre filtre

You can open and process several forms at once. At the top, select a form by clicking on its tab to open it.
Click on the cross to close a form.

Capture les formulaires multiples

The search module lets you search for a form based on a query.

Select a category and a query, then fill in the desired value(s) (values vary according to form type).

Click on validate, and select one or more forms in the “result(s)” tab.

You can delete, cancel or export this data.

Capture de l'outil de recherche
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