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The Arioflow solution

The platform for building your inspection applications

With 14 years’ experience in the field of inspection software, Arioflow is positioned as an essential software solution for inspection, expertise, audit and field control. Used in over 50 countries worldwide, Arioflow has proven its efficiency and ability to meet the specific needs of industry professionals. Headquartered in Paris, the company is also extending its expertise internationally, with strategic locations in Nantes, Ottawa and Montreal. This global presence enables Arioflow to provide localized and tailored support to each of its customers, affirming its commitment to offering innovative and reliable inspection solutions.

Arioflow lets you build :

  • Process-oriented
  • Mobility and Web-oriented
  • Mainly for inspection jobs,
    inspections and expert appraisals

Arioflow software clients are players that run application templates. Templates are set up and stored on the server. Arioflow is a Low Code / No Code BPM solution.


Our experts build inspection processes, no matter how complex.


The manager collects and manages reference data.


The Arioflow Inspect application is available via the stores. Inspection templates are available in your Arioflow private blind.


Inspectors are given the models and their missions. Inspections are carried out via tablet or smartphone.


The Arioflow server implements your processes, distributes your reports and updates non-conformities.


Your reports are archived and accessible at any time. You can search for them in full text.


The person in charge of the inspected elements will inform you of the removal of the non conformities.


The data collected is summarized and you can visualize your performance indicators.

Application features

Warning system

Notify carriers and managers of non-conformities

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Multimedia aids

Click here for explanations of control points in electronic document management.

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Use the application in several languages (English, Spanish, French...)

Icône wifi

Online & offline mode

Inspect in online and offline mode

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Multi-subsidiary management

Manage several subsidiaries simultaneously

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Dynamic fields

Inspect your shipments with customizable forms

Icône localisation


Access geolocalized data

Icône Document PDF

Report generation

Automatically generate PDF inspection reports

Icône ajout de photo

Shooting with annotation

Access your tablet's photo lens to illustrate your inspections

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Real-time KPIs

Synthesize your data collection and visualize your performance indicators

Build your inspection models

Key features
  • Defining inspection models with Arioflow Builder
  • Define layout, rules, default values
  • Reuse of parts of existing inspection models
  • Translation in all languages
  • Packaging and publishing on private stores
  • Multi-subsidiary deployment
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Simple field data collection

Key features

  • Multi-platform (Windows, Android, IOS)
  • Work in connected/disconnected mode
  • Multimedia (photos/videos)
  • Drawings and image annotation
  • Dynamic fields
  • Geolocation
  • Automatic report generation
Capture d'écran du formulaire d'inspection Arioflow

Collaborative inspection platform

Key features

  • Setting the form lifecycle
  • Back-office integration
  • Handling non-conformities
  • Data administration
  • Archiving


  • Avoid re-entries and automate the process
  • Identify non-conformities
  • Track corrective actions
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Managing your performance

Key features

  • Real-time KPIs
  • Configurable indicators
  • Data export


  • Monitor field activities and identify trends (non-conformity rates, quality, recurring breakdowns, etc.)
  • Transform field data into decision-making information
Capture d'écran des KIPs/résultats des inspections

Solution integrated into your IS

Data exchange

  • Synchronous via PLC
  • Asynchronous via our workflow engine (FTP, SFTP, Mail…)
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