Fire permits


Available via a web interface and downloadable applications on Google Play and App Store.

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We can dematerialize your paper content using the Arioflow platform, as we do with the CNPP organization. With the Digital Fire Permit pack, CNPP dematerializes its form and shares it easily with all signatories. And all from their smartphone, tablet or web browser. Guided by multimedia aids, it’s much easier to analyze risks, define preventive actions and set up control and warning systems. Once the permit has been validated, each operator can check in real time the progress of the fire permit, as well as the rounds he or she has planned. The Arioflow platform makes it easy to distribute any type of inspection form.

A fire permit is a prevention plan for work involving hot spots (welding, grinding, etc.). It relates to specific jobs, with a validity period. It must be renewed each time there is a change (of operator, work method, etc.) on the site.

A fire permit must be issued for all hot-spot work, either by in-house personnel or by a service provider. It insists on analyzing the risks associated with the operation and preventing fire and explosion hazards. The fire permit form is part of insurers’ basic requirements, and is mandatory in certain cases provided for in the regulations.


A modern, simple and 100% customizable tool

  • Customizable form
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • Reporting
  • Online help
  • Data management


An ergonomic solution for use on PC/MAC, tablet or smartphone

  • New features (adding photos, organizing rounds, etc.),
  • Time-saving (rapid drafting and distribution of the signed document),
  • Simplified management of all your forms (action tracking, 13-month archiving),
  • Personalization (integration of photos, comments or logos).
Capture d'écran du formulaire permis de feu
Capture d'écran 2 du formulaire permis de feu
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