Monitoring the condition of site equipment


Available via a web interface and downloadable applications on Google Play and App Store.

Homme en gilet jaune inspectant un tractopelle


A web and mobile application designed to provide complete management of your equipment, whether on a construction site, in a factory, or elsewhere. Our application enables users to monitor the status of their equipment in real time, plan maintenance tasks efficiently, collect valuable data on equipment performance, and generate detailed status reports, all at their fingertips.

This application inspects machines such as foreuses, grues, pers, excavators, bulldozer, graders and other equipment.


A modern, simple and 100% customizable tool

  • Customizable form
  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • Reporting
  • Online help
  • Data management


An ergonomic solution for use on PC/MAC, tablet or smartphone

  • New features (adding photos, organizing rounds, etc.),
  • Time-saving (rapid drafting and distribution of the signed document),
  • Simplified management of all your forms (action tracking, 13-month archiving),
  • Personalization (integration of photos, comments or logos).
Capture d'écran du formulaire soilmec
Capture d'écran 2 du formulaire soilmec
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